In Memory of Bruce Cohen…

In October 1984, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a sales associate by Bruce Cohen, managing partner of a successful family owned jewelry store. I didn’t know it at the time, but the jewelry business would become my passion and a lifelong career. Bruce and I had an immediate rapport and he took me under his wing, teaching me all of the fundamentals required to operate a small business.


Over the past twenty-three years I looked to Bruce as a mentor, employer, and most importantly a friend. Bruce taught me the art of patience and the importance of selling quality merchandise. He also shared his personal philosophy of treating each customer like a friend or a member of the family. It wasn’t about just making a sale for Bruce, it was about building a relationship with the customer, many of whom I am honored to continue to nurture today.


Unfortunately, in September of 2006, we lost Bruce following a courageous two year battle with cancer. During this difficult time, Bruce received treatment at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center at Christiana Hospital. He and his wife Mary developed a deep appreciation and respect for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff they grew to know throughout this process.


When I think back about Bruce, I am reminded of the character Norm on “Cheers”, a popular television series a few years ago. Norm was a likeable character with a huge personal presence and every time he entered the bar all of the patrons and employees would greet him with a rousing “NORM”. Bruce’s friendly smile and sparkling demeanor would light up any room that he stepped into. Bruce Cohen was the most gregarious man I ever had the privilege of calling my friend.


Now that I am a small business owner myself, I will honor the memory of my mentor by continuing to apply his business and personal philosophies throughout everything I do.


That’s why at K. Scott Jewelers:

“The Legacy Lives On . . .”

Kenneth J. Scott

A day doesn’t pass without me thinking of Bruce, Mr. B as we called him. Mr. B had two partners in their family business, all three with the same last name. Thus, if you addressed them by their last name, all three would answer. Thus, the reason for addressing them by their first initial.

I truly hope that Mr. B is looking down upon us to see how we have grown our business. He would be very excited to see that we have moved into our own free standing building in a fantastic location.

They say that the unknown is scary, believe me, this move is very, very scary.